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Honeylion: The Story of Samson

Honeylion: The Story of Samson by David Lacopo

Honeylion: The Story of Samson

February 7, 2012

"Out of the eater came something to eat, out of the strong came something sweet." -Samson

Two experiences inspired me to start working on this project: a conversation with Bono and the story of Samson.

A Conversation with Bono

I met Bono several years ago; we mostly talked about music and how much of an inspiration he had been to me. I was star struck and the moment felt as if it had lasted several hours, but reality set in and Bono left me with his words of wisdom: “Always keep the wheels on the bus rolling.”

Not long after, my bandmates and I were chosen to perform as the opening act for Bon Jovi. The path was set and the bus was rolling smoothly; it was actually rolling pretty fast and as my bandmates and I were captivated by the blurring scenery around us and lost track of who we were and what our dream truly was.

After 21 years of chasing my dream, I realized that it wasn’t about reaching a destination, the dream had been with us all along; we had a bond, we had friendship, we shared our most intimate stories together, we had trust, we had music, and we had become a family. This awakening made me realize how music is just a different rendition of love; it’s not about fame and fortune or anything else the industry portrayed it to be. Music brought us together.

The Story of Samson

I then came across the story of Samson and was deeply captivated by it; I read the story over and over again until it sank deep into my soul and inspired me to compose a poetic album musically illustrating Samson’s life. Why poetic? I wanted to keep it simple and beautiful and as simple words carefully crafted together can create great emotional repercussions, I believed musical notes carefully crafted into melodies and rhythms can also have the same emotional repercussions. 12 instrumental songs were finally composed each representing a chapter in Samson’s life and as a reader reads a poem with his own voice, musicians can perform these poetic songs in their own style and sound.

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01 – The Boy’s Rule of Life (03:09)
JUDGES 13.1 – 13.25 [View TAB]

02 – The Carcass of the Lion (03:20)
JUDGES 14.1 – 14.9 [View TAB]

03 – Honeylion (02:54)
JUDGES 14.10 – 14.14 [View TAB]

04 – In Hot Anger (02:47)
JUDGES 14.15 – 14.20 [View TAB]

05 – Without Blame (03:14)
JUDGES 15.1 – 15.8 [View TAB]

06 – Jawbone (03:11)
JUDGES 15.9 – 15.20 [View TAB]

07 – In the Valley (02:57)
JUDGES 16.1 – 16.5 [View TAB]

08 – Anyone Else (03:06)
JUDGES 16.6 – 16.17 [View TAB]

09 – Seven Locks (02:11)
JUDGES 16.18 – 16.22 [View TAB]

10 – Between the Pillars (02:03)
JUDGES 16.23 – 16.28 [View TAB]

11 – All His Might (02:13)
JUDGES 16.29 – 16.30 [View TAB]

12 – In the Tomb (02:33)
JUDGES 16.31 [View TAB]