Light and Love

I Am the Last Messenger

I Am the Last Messenger

Messages of Peace, Harmony and Love

Brothers and sisters from all the nations of the world, long before me, my brothers came before you with a divine message of truth. You have turned a deaf ear to the truth. You have embarked yourselves on a ship of deceivers and your compass drift you far away from the love of God. If you don't cast your anchor in your life and repent and change your ways, you are heading towards the greatest fall of your life. Our heavenly father gives you a paradise and you have turned it into hell. He gives you a home and you have turned it to a slaughterhouse. Your lease is about to expire. If you don't clean your house and put your house in order, if you don't find your way to live in peace, love, and harmony, you will be evicted from your home. You will become the servant of the new master of the house.

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