ROSOC Manuscript Updates

Light and Love Productions

Light and Love Productions

Manuscript ERRATA: Raising Our State of Consciousness to Fulfill Our Soul’s Growth

First Edition (v1.01, v1.01e, v1.02, v1.02e)

II. My Spiritual Journey: The Crossroad

  • I reached a crossroad in 2008 as my bandmates and I were in a studio completing the recording of our first full-length album.

First Edition (v1.01, v1.01e, v1.02, v1.02e, v1.03, v1.03e)

II. My Spiritual Journey: The Seal of Temptation

  • An angel of God appeared before me in the Scotland Highlands as I woke on an early morning on June 17, 2011 (Culnacnoc, Isle of Skye, Scotland).

First Edition (v1.02, v1.02e, v1.03, v1.03e, v1.04, v1.04bw)

VII. The Kabbalah (The Tree of Life): The 23rd Path, Dalet, XII The Hanged Man

  • Standing with our right foot in Malkuth, our right knee in Yesod, our left foot in Netzach, our left knee in Hod, our Solar Plexus chakra in Tiphareth, our right elbow in Chesed, our left elbow in Geburah, and our head in Da’ath.
  • Blank page (118).