Light and Love Productions

Light and Love Productions

Malocchio Moderno

A documentary film by Rebellion Films INC.
Release Date: 2021 (TLN Media Group)

LIVE on the Now Trending Show (CJAD 800AM) with Orla Johannes and Andrea Elias

The River Rain Show with Clairvoyant Medium Catharine Allan

"Body Mind and Spirit" with Danielle-Diva Borozan

Sera Santé Communautaire: #034 Le Tarot au service de la connaissance de soi.

Doshayoga Community: Covideo-talk

#RobFlisPodcast: Spirituality and Raising Your Consciousness.

Travel the Tarot via the map of the Kabbalah.

Storytelling with children: Maintaining and expanding a child’s creative imagination.