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Raising Our State of Consciousness to Fulfill Our Soul’s Growth

Raising Our State of Consciousness to Fulfill Our Soul’s Growth

Tarot is greatly misunderstood and mostly associated with divination, but its true purpose moves far beyond the realm of fortune telling; it is a powerful tool that can be used for personal development, gaining wisdom and understanding, and raising our state of consciousness. Tarot can also help restore and maintain our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance.

This book holds a collection of personal experiences, Divine knowledge received from my personal guide and spiritual mentor, and spiritual growth exercises that will set you on your path to fulfill your soul’s growth. It also includes enlightening exercises as working with the letters of the Hebrew alphabet to manifest positive changes within and working with the Kabbalah (The Tree of Life) to understand and improve human relationships.

eBook ($4.99 USD)
Current version: v1.04e
ISBN 978-1-7772328-1-8,,,,,,,,,,,,

Paperback - Full Colour Edition ($31.99 USD)
Current version: v1.04
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Paperback - Black and White Edition ($17.99 USD)
Current version: v1.04bw
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Spiritual Growth Program

To support the release of my book, I have created a 44-day Spiritual Growth Program designed to help you reach a higher state of consciousness. Included with this program is a series of video lessons, downloadable audio tracks, and a PDF document. [Learn More]


Bonnie Cehovet


First Edition (v1.01, v1.02)

II. My Spiritual Journey: The Crossroad

  • I reached a crossroad in 2008 (not 2018) as my bandmates and I were in a studio completing the recording of our first full-length album.

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